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 just finished some colorful paintings to brighten up my walls!

>> Caramelized butternut squash, roasted garlic, & coconut butter grilled [vegan] cheese?  Yes.  Please please please.

>> Last year I made her Brussels sprouts grilled cheese several times.  I feel a mix-and-match grilled cheese dinner coming on….

>> Gluten free readers: check out this ENORMOUS guide to all-things GF pumpkin!

>> I absolutely loved this touching post from Pickles ‘n’ Honey about the struggle to remind yourself what falls within your own personal sense of morality.  The simple act of looking for a couch and considering leather had a huge impact on her, and I am guessing almost all of us vegans know exactly the feeling she’s talking about.

>> A fantastic summary of one of my all-time favorite food books (which made me decide to re-read it for November’s Book Club pick.)

>> Sometimes the simplest recipes look the best to me, like these peanut butter brownie bites from CCK, and this dinner of rice and roasted veggies from A House In The Hills, and this grapefruit mint juice.

>> Simplicity can also apply to a DIY project like this gorgeous fall wreath.  So basic, but breathtaking.

>> This post is making me feel like a bar cart is an absolute necessity.

>> Herbed chickpea dumplings MUST make an appearance in one of my soups.  Stat. 

>> I don’t even know what to say about these Thai butternut squash lettuce wraps.  This is a run-to-the-store-immediately recipe that I need in my life. Now.


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