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Happy happy Friday, everyone!  Have some links and stuff! :)

>> I will definitely be making this delicious chai recipe this fall.

>> Ever thought of using Vitamin C powder on your face?!?  Very cool Vitamin-based skincare ideas here.

>> Savory French toast.  Sold.  Veganizing this for sure.

>> Simple vegan cinnamon rolls. Been looking for a recipe that looks easy enough to make! I might try these this weekend!

>> Thai Curry Butternut Squash Soup.

>> Holy what?!?!  If anything will convince me to deep-fry something, these pear fritters are it.

>> Pesto polenta triangles.  Yes please.  I should make a pesto version of my polenta fries!!!!

>> TV is back!  I am trying to spend my free time finishing this month’s book club pick over the next few days because I am MAD behind.  But when I’m done I’m going to watch Modern Family and Parks & Rec and How I Met Your Mother and I’ll probably have to throw a few new premieres in there.

>> I regularly make my pizza rolls from this salad post.  They are one of my favorite easy dinners.  Preston’s birthday was on Wednesday but he had class late so we only had time for a late dinner, and he requested pizza rolls.  “Or maybe something with caramelized onions.”  So I made a ginormous batch of caramelized onions and put some on our salad and loaded pizza rolls with them.  It was freaking awesome.  I might put a bit of garlic in them next time too.

>> Seriously almost cried when I watched this video of a fireman bringing a lifeless kitty back from the near-dead!

>> Speaking of videos, I actually really liked Miley Cyrus’ new song Wrecking Ball.  More than all her other songs, anyway.  That was, until I saw the video.  Which completely ruined and severely damaged my retinas.  If you feel like seeing a trainwreck in action, check it out here:
>> And when you’ve finished watching that, or when you just can’t take it anymore, watch this to restore your faith in humanity.  Or just to make you giggle:
Whatcha doing this weekend?  Got any fun plans?

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