Daily Things

Welcome to the first post for a new page I will make called “Daily Things.” (AND to my 300th post!!!) I find that there are so many things I want to say on the blog but don’t because they just don’t fit well into a recipe-based post, or they’re random, or personal things that don’t seem important enough to fit on a post. Or it’s just a random photo that I don’t add to a normal recipe post.

I put some of these things on my social media pages. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, some of these are repeats.

So all of those things will wind up in the Daily Things page. I am going to try it out.  A lot of bloggers have their recurring Tuesday/Thursday Things, Friday Faves, etc, etc. I don’t know if I’m going to do a recurring series like that or just post when I feel like it. So I’m just starting and we’ll see where it goes! But I hope you enjoy my random thoughts, photos, and internet finds. I want your honest feedback. Let me know if I should stick to recipes. :-D

I tried to round up the random things I wanted to share the last week that inspired me to start this. So here goes:

1.  This article about things American should know about health (and those outside of America too, but we seem to have a particular problem with it).  It focuses on living a clean relaxing lifestyle connected with nature and loved ones and prevention.

2.  This photo.  Look at this ridiculousness.  My cat NEVER lets people hold him.  I try almost everyday.  If I scratch behind his ears, he’ll wait a whole 10 seconds before he starts fighting me.  But for some reason he kept this up without fighting at all for a couple minutes!  Weirdo.

3.  This website.  Crafty supplies cheap.

4.  Holy crap! I can make homemade saltwater taffy?!?  I can probably figure out how to make this vegan, right?  Life just got about 10,394 times better.  I think I need to try this this weekend.

5.  Kombucha + beer.  My new favorite summer beverage.  At my local vegan restaurant, you can order a mix of Eel River beer (a great vegan brand) and kombucha.  I obviously mixed a blonde with guava-mango kombucha.  Hello, refreshing bubbly joy in a glass!

6.  I drool at this hummus flavored like an everything bagel.  What if I dip those everything pretzel chips in it? Well that’s happening for sure.

7.  These awesome pages in a sketchbook at a wonderful coffee house near me called Temple.  It was full of beautiful sketches, funny cartoons, inappropriate jokes, inspiring quotes or comments, and some randomness.

and obviously the beautiful cappuccinos they make:

Alright, 7 things is probably enough.  You don’t want to delve too far into this mind of mine, who knows where it will lead us ….

Happy Friday and happy weekend!
Do you ever feel the need to share your random thoughts, photos, internet finds, etc?  Want to share them here?  Leave a comment or send an email and I’ll include your thoughts next time!


  1. says

    Cats are funny creatures, maybe that’s why I love them so much. I had two cats and one couldn’t be held enough and the other hated it.

    Off topic is good. It’s nice to share something beside food.

  2. Pixie says

    I love the idea of Daily things :) It’s always fun to read what other people are up to! (Maybe that’s the nosey part of me speaking?) I hope to read more! :) x

  3. says

    Great, I’m glad you lovely ladies enjoyed my new first Daily Things – seems like I should keep it up.

    I started it because I love being nosy too, so I understand :)

    Sure don’t understand my kitty though, but you’re probably right Karen, that’s one of the things to love about them!

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